Press Release

DreamBig World Leading "MARS" Open Chiplet Platform

DreamBig Semiconductor, Inc. today unveiled “MARS”, a world leading platform to enable a new generation of semiconductor solutions using open standard Chiplets for the mass market. This disruptive platform will democratize silicon by enabling startups or any size company to scale-up and scale-out LLM, Generative AI, Automotive, Datacenter, and Edge solutions with optimized performance and energy efficiency.

To learn more, come see DreamBig technology solution demo January 9-12 at CES 2024

DreamBig Semiconductor Participated  in SmartNICs SUMMIT 2023


We are pleased to announce that we
participated in SmartNICs SUMMIT 2023 & presented our MARS SmartNIC LAN
& RDMA Device Model’

we demonstrated (IPsec, Match/Action,
MAC Filtering, Checksum Verification, and RSS) offloads for MARS LAN Device


Our Deimos Chiplet Hub leverages Arm Flexible Access for Startups

Our CEO & president was quoted by Arm as he said, “Arm Flexible Access for Startups was a game-changer for us. It enabled us to innovate on top of Arm’s world-class IP, access its broad ecosystem in a cost-efficient way and prototype our industry-leading Deimos Chiplet Hub for next-generation data center solutions.”